Posted by John Hamilton on Dec 07, 2017
Matt Authier, Next Generation Chair Person met with the Rotary Club to explain the mission and goals of The Waxahachie Project and tell us how we can help.

About two years ago a group of concerned citizens met to discuss the biggest problems facing our citizens. They surveyed 512 people and 68% of them said financial illiteracy is among the top three issues facing our fellow citizens today. How do you manage a bank account including writing checks and keeping track of your dollars? How do you decide whether to buy or rent a place to live? How do you budget or keep track of debt? These and many more problems face us every day but there is little teaching of these subjects in school.

In fact the Texas legislature passed a law requiring schools to offer financial literacy instruction but they do not require students to take it. Representative John Wray has been asked to see if the classes can be mandatory like Texas history or English. A letter or call to Representative Wray might help get students the help they all need.

The Waxahachie Project group is working with Waxahachie High, Global High and Life School to implement these classes. Global High does make them mandatory and has a teacher assigned to provide the information.

WHS and Life School have several teachers who teach different parts of the program. All of the schools and WISD work together helping each other with the issues.

The Waxahachie Project has set up a program with the schools to bring in professionals to bring the subjects to life. Bankers, insurance agents, accountants, tax professionals, retirement planners and many more have volunteered their expertise in the classrooms.

Personal financial illiteracy is a problem facing many of our community students and adults. How can you help? If you are an expert in any area that deals with money or financial dealings contact Mr. Authier at .

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