Posted by John Hamilton on Sep 07, 2017
Two years ago Coach Jon Kitna visited the Rotary Club at the start of his career here. He promised that developing young men is his goal and motivation. Last year during his visit he introduced his R.E.A.L men program. R.E.A.L. stands for:

Reject passivity. People should be aware of what is happening around them and react appropriately. If a young man does not understand he asks. If he sees someone needing help he helps.

Empathize with othersTrying to understand the other person’s viewpoint. Perhaps common ground can be reached.

Accept responsibility. If you have done something or not done something accept the consequences.

Lead courageously. Leadership takes strength. If something needs doing and nobody is getting involved urge them on.

This year the club got an update. Coach Kitna got into coaching to be a leadership factor in the team members’ lives. His passion is to develop, train and graduate R.E.A.L. men. Last year all but one senior on the football team graduated. The GPA (Grade Point Average) of the team has been raised .88 points. Six players from all grades are in the top ten for grades in their classes. Nineteen graduates are on full football scholarships at college and six are in the military. All R.E.A.L. men.

These young men do their schoolwork, show up for practice and work in the community. They have become a brotherhood looking out for themselves and each other. It is not all fun and games, though.

Almost half of Waxahachie High students are in some sort of low income programs. Many do not get enough to eat so Coack Kitna’s wife, Jen, has set up a program called the PBJ club to provide extra protein, carbs and a little sugar for the team members. Each one gets two sandwiches which provide 780 calories. Many teammates were underfed and have gained weight. Pre-game hot meals are also provided.

Mrs. Kitna said many volunteers and sponsors are needed to sustain this program. They buy, make and deliver 1,100 sandwiches each week using 112 loaves of bread, several cases of smooth peanut butter and grape jam and willing hands to do the work.

To participate in the PBJ Club or any other part of team activity, visit the website . There are team schedules and a wealth of information including how to make a financial contribution or volunteer.

For more information about the Rotary Club of Waxahachie where we believe in Service Above Self and doing things as a club we cannot do alone, visit the club web site at . You can find American flag subscription forms there.