Posted by Elias Carreon on Sep 24, 2019
That is the theme for Rotary in 2020, and those are the words Rotary District 5810 Governor Beverly Grogan spoke to open this week’s Rotary meeting. “What a powerful word connection is,” Governor Grogan continued. Being a service organization puts Rotary in the middle of Waxahachie in the lives of people, not just at home, but all over the world as well.
Rotary began with the mission to eliminate polio and with only two counties, Pakistan and Afghanistan, left with polio. Rotary is well on its way to completing its promise, but Rotary won’t stop there. Governor Grogan went on to outline the District’s plan to aid people across the country and the world. From assisting the Navajo Water Project that brings water to Americans in need, to helping Malawi girls gain an education, our service does not stop with polio. Especially with the elimination of polio from the world around the corner, formulating a new vision of service is essential.
Adapting to the circumstances is what helps Rotary to survive for 115 years. The new Rotary plans to continue to adapt, “Not that there was anything wrong with the old Rotary,” Governor Grogan said. But changing and staying flexible is essential for any organization even one as established as Rotary.