Picture shows historian and writer Bob Alexander
Rotary Club Learns About Early Days of the Texas Rangers
Bob Alexander is a historian, ham and writer of a number of books about lawmen and outlaws in the old west.   He visited the Rotary Club to tell about the early days of the Texas Rangers and their transition from the early days to today’s professional law officers.  Ham that he is he was at his best when raising eyebrows or telling Ranger gossip.  He was quick to point out that he did not know why the pitching failed the baseball Rangers; it was the lawmen he was telling about.
Alexander told the story of the wife of a lieutenant in the west in earlier days.  In her diary she confided that her husband had led a troop of ten Rangers to an area thirty miles west of their headquarters and took her along.  She bragged about the fishing and fun they had.  Her husband reported to headquarters that the troop had reconnoitered the area and found it to be calm.
There has always been controversy as to whether this man or that was really a Ranger or not.  Although early recordkeeping was rigorous the status of the organization was often in doubt.  They were organized, disbanded and reorganized so many times it is easy to say someone was not a real Ranger when he did that bad deed.  Or you could say he was a Ranger if he acted heroically.  Whatever their history they have become a real asset to the State of Texas.
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