The Rotary Club of Waxahachie decided to tackle a service project larger than normal, the first weekend in November. The Messiah Church of the Living God, located at 720 MLK in Waxahachie was in need of a facelift. There were rotten boards around the structure, a large tree and shrub that needed to be cut and hauled off, the wood scraped, caulked, and cleaned, and the entire exterior repainted. This project was suggested by Rotarian Dr. Jamal Rasheed. Rotarians Eric Epperley and Renata Bynum have been working tirelessly every Saturday since the project began, supervising more than 150 hours of volunteer labor. They have prepped the church for a fresh new look. They received invaluable help from Rotarian Von Aday. The project has been overseen by Dr. Jamal Rasheed and current president, Billie Wallace. Additional Rotarians and volunteers have assisted as well. Rotarians are working very hard to keep the 100 year old church in it's original architectural design. This project should be complete by the end of December 2020.